Jun 19 2011

Finishing up recording!


So we decided to put some more vocal harmonies into a couple of the songs, and since Adam can’t sing as low as we wanted the parts I was brought in to add a little baritone to the songs.  You can tell that Adam is quite a bit shorter than I am, because I had to stand spread-eagle to actually get down to the mic.



Next up after my parts were the “gang” vocals, where we had Dan and Rob from Uptown Recording sing with us too.  They were totally awesome.  We finished up with some gang percussion too, with us playing 4 different tracks with a different percussion instrument each.  The next series of photos is from us picking out our instruments, the “gang” tracks, and then some other randomness from the night.  Enjoy.


We’re completely done with our vocal tracks now, and for the rest of the night Jason will be rocking it out on some auxiliary percussion.  Things are really coming together, and I’m really, really excite for how things are going to turn out!