Mar 3 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: WNBA vs LPGA

The Mediocre Fight

I apologize again to anyone we may offend with today’s Mediocre Fight: WNBA vs LPGA.  You have to admit, these are not the most popular sports in the US.  What is also true, is the people who actually are watching these sports aren’t watching them for the thrill of the competition.  Have you looked at who’s famous in the LPGA?  Yeah, the hot ones.  Same thing with tennis (not so much with basketball…..).  I bet more guys out there could quote Anna Kournikova’s measurements than they could her win/loss record.  I mean, seriously.  I could go into this in more detail and with more evidence but I feel like most of you out there would still be “Yeah yeah yeah, we get it.”
Also, women are bad drivers. #ohsnap

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