Apr 28 2011

Mediocre Fight of the Day: You vs Not Being Awesome

The Mediocre Fight

If you’re here reading this right now, chances are you are a friend of ours, related to one of us, or somehow stumbled upon this website while searching for an analysis of the lyrics to Rebecca Black’s song Friday (seriously, that’s still the most common search term bringing people to our website… I feel somehow dirty about this). The mere fact you’re here is pretty awesome, and we really appreciate your readership. But more importantly, it likely means you’re one of the fantastic people who is helping to back our album, the fundraising goal for which we have officially SURPASSED!!! So, THANK YOU.

As a tribute to you, today’s mediocre fight of the day is You vs Not Being Awesome. Winner: you. Yeah, you’re awesome. We [less than sign] [number 3] you.



As always, if YOU have a mediocre fight you’d like to see contact us any way your little heart desires.  Leave a comment here, tweet us @MediocreFight, find us on Facebook, shoot us an e-mail at The Mediocre Fight, or just be your all around awesome self.